myRTLS Care

myRTLS Care is a set of proactive services that accomplish smooth implementation and long-term system reliability. From monitoring, and regular review to guaranteed response or hardware replacement.

More about myRTLS Care and a detailed comparison of plans myRTLS Care and myRTLS Care+ can be found on Sewio website.

myRTLS Environment

In addition to RTLS Studio, Sewio myRTLS Care takes Sewio services to the next level by proactive health monitoring services for our RTLS solution. All monitoring services are currently located in the myRTLS cloud. Individual monitoring service processes metrics are collected by Device Care Data Probe, which is running on RTLS Server in a docker composer, and are stored in the myRTLS cloud database. A user can access myRTLS Cloud via the website where are presented processed data from all backend monitoring services → Device Care related to dashboard, history, and reports, RTLS Player as a part of system optimization, Alerts responsible for user notifications, and Advanced Analytics enables customized the processed data output.

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