On-Premise Licence Extension/Renewal

As myRTLS On-Premise does not have access to the public network and to myRTLS Cloud, the new license needs to be added manually. 

How to change the license for myRTLS On-Premise version?

In our example, we have a license with expiration in March 2025. 

We have a new license that enables us to extend the license till March 2026. See the steps below.

  1. Download the new license from your site on myRTLS.com.
    Despite you have an On-Premise version, you need to go to myRTLS.com to get your new license
  2. Connect to the server where myRTLS On-Premise is installed via SFTP client (for example WinSCP)
    Use the static IP address of your server where myRTLS On-Premise is installed. 

  3. Go to the directory where myRTLS is installed on the local server.

  4. You can find  /licenses directory there. In the directory, the license is located. 

  5. Delete the old license and copy there the new license that you downloaded from myRTLS.com.

  6. Connect the server where myRTLS On-Premise is installed via SSH client (for example Putty) or use the server terminal. 
  7. Go to the directory where "docker-compose.yaml" is located

    cd /opt/sewio/myrtls/
  8. Restart service myrtls.server.

    See below the command to restart docker composer:

    docker compose restart myrtls.server
  9. When the service is restarted, you can access myRTLS On-Premise GUI (default
    In the section License, you can see that the new license is there and the expiration date is now March 2026.