Device Care Troubleshooting

The section is aimed to troubleshoot the most common issues that may arise regarding the Device Care connection to Below you can find tips and techniques that can help to isolate and solve the issue. 

Connection Verification

If there are no data as in the picture below, you need to check the connection between Device Care and myRTLS.Com. 

Open a terminal or connect to your server via SSH/Putty to confirm that there is a connection between your server to outgoing host. Use the following command:

wget -O -

The response should be the following:

Using a proxy is possible as well. To verify your connection using proxy use this command instead:

wget -O -e http_proxy=<YOUR PROXY ADDRESS> -

The same proxy address should be used during the installation.

No Data Received by myRTLS Cloud

The steps below are related only to Device Care deployment on the Ubuntu platform

Check if the services are alive

sudo docker ps

This command should reveal if the telegraf, redis, and device-care services are running and for how long. See an example of the output below: 

DNS Settings

Check the logs of your telegraf service using the following command:

sudo docker logs device-care-telegraf

If you can see the context deadline exceeded message being repeated many times, there is an issue with DNS resolution from your Docker container.

The optimal way is to fix the error by updating your netplan configuration to correspond with the needs of your network.

If this is not possible at the moment you can fix the error by setting the DNS address of device-care-telegraf container to  (default Google DNS server) in the docker-compose.yml file.

You need to restart your services after the change using the next guide.

Restarting the services

Navigate to navigate device-care-installer folder. 

cd /home/sewiortls/device-care-installer/

Turn off the docker composer

sudo docker-compose stop

Turn on the docker composer

sudo docker-compose up -d

The service should start working as expected after the reset.

Some of the Data is Missing on myRTLS Cloud

Check if the server time is correct. 


This command should output the current time of your server machine, and compare it with the actual time. If there is a significant delay, the data on myRTLS Device Care Dashboard may be missing.

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