myRTLS Deployment - myRTLS Cloud or myRTLS On-Premise?

Sewio myRTLS is available as deployment on/to : 

  • Cloud
    • Cloud deployment is easier to set up and gives us visibility over your project for better and more proactive support, but requires a connection between your RTLS installation and our cloud.
    • No additional HW is needed in your local network, the data are sent one-directional way from the local network to the cloud by secure HTTPS port 443.  
  • On-Premise (myRTLS Care+ only)
    • On-Premise deployment is installed in your local network. Some features remain available only in the cloud instance of myRTLS.
    • No connection to the public network needed.
    • Additional HW is required for myRTLS monitoring service as it needs to run on the separate server than RTLS Studio to provide correct and timely notification.