RTLS Player - Play!

To start playing capture hit the Play button.

The first stage of playing is the initialization of play.

As soon as you hit the Play button, the RTLS Player starts to do a lot of tasks. It has to prepare a database, start to simulate network communication, etc. So please be patient and give it time to do that. The general rule is, that as big as RTLS capture is, it takes more time to process its data. See picture.

The second stage of play.

After the playing successfully starts you will notice it on the pop-up window. From it, you can observe how playing progresses and also redirect yourself to RTLS Sensmap, RTLS Manager ( or other RTLS Studio applications), and cancel the play. See picture.

From Player progress you can observe:

  • Absolute Time: The original time when the capture was taken.
  • Relative Time: Real stopwatch from playing the capture. 
  • Packets sent: The ratio of the packet which was sent vs. all packets to be sent.
  • Progress bar: Percentual ratio.

From Player progress you can use:

  • Icon  to navigate you to RTLS Manager.
  • Icon  to navigate you to RTLS Sensmap.
  • Icon  to pause and return to play of this capture file (from version 2.2.0).
  • Icon  to skip the play.