Docker (Linux) Installation - Device Care

Before you start with Device Care installation, be sure that your RTLS System deployment meets Device Care Requirements.

To establish a connection between your RTLS server and myRTLS Cloud you can follow the installation guide on

For the installation follow the steps below: 

  1. Access myRTLS Cloud or myRTLS On-premise based on your type of deployment and select the site that was created by Sewio for your project. 
    1. myRTLS Cloud →
    2. myRTLS On-premise → http://localhost/ where myRTLS On-premise installed on port 7253 (e.g.

  2. Select type of your RTLS Studio installation → Docker

  3. Confirm that your system meets the following requirements. Click Next to continue.

  4. Move to your RTLS Server and follow the Device Care Data Probe installation steps on You can find it also in the picture below.
  5. Open a terminal on your Linux platform where you have a docker installation.
  6. Navigate to the folder with your Docker version of RTLS Studio. 

    cd </path/to/your/docker/rtls-studio/folder>
  7. Download the installation script.

    wget -O ""

    You should see this output download progress:

  8. Extract the downloaded .zip file.

    unzip -o

    You should see this output download progress:

  9. Remove the unnecessary files

    rm -rf device-care-installer

  10. Run the installation script

    sudo sh ./

  11. Follow the instructions of the installation script by pressing OK

  12. Add Site ID

    The Site ID you can find on under the Site that was created for your project. In our example, the Site ID is 25.
  13. Proceed by pressing Enter
  14. Add the Site Password

    The Site password you can find on under the Site that was created for your project.

  15. Proceed by pressing Enter
  16. The script asks for your proxy URL. Leave empty if you don't need to use one.

  17. Proceed by pressing Enter
  18. The installation will be completed.

  19. Continue by pressing Enter
  20. Once the installation is complete, the script will terminate. The Device Care Data Probe should be running at this point. 
  21. Go to to the site. Click Next on the Download Installation package

  22. Finish the Device Care Data Probe installation on by Data Verification.

  23. You will be redirected to Device Care Dashboard.