RTLS Player

The RTLS Player is a service that gives you the ability to replay and tune the Sewio RTLS remotely based on previously recorded live streams on a target system → Captures.

Thanks to it you are able to verify the system performance and possibly identify areas where it is not satisfactory. Moreover, you are able to tune and find the settings which improve it. 

Finally, you may apply new settings for the target RTLS deployment.   

When to use: Project implementation phase and training.

Actual version: 2.6.2 (compatible with RTLS Studio 2.6.2 or lower)


(tick) Replay recording from target RTLS remotely

(tick) Help with Master Selection process

(tick) Verify and Optimize the performance 

(tick) Reduce time spent at the customer site

How to use RTLS Player? 

In the related sub-section, you can find more details on how to install Device care on your RTLS Server and how to use it via myRTLS.com