RTLS System Configuration

You have RTLS Studio running, all Tags and Anchors are installed, and you can start with RTLS System configuration to be set up based on your needs.

How to proceed:

  1. All anchors are online and connected to Studio → all anchors are visible in Anchors Summary in RTLS Manager
  2. Go to Sensmap, create a new building based on wizard, and import anchor coordinates
  3. As the next configuration step, you should follow the Procedure of Master Selection
    1. Set UDP-AD as recommended synchronization protocol (you can also set TCP and UDP protocols)
    2. After, you can define Anchor Restrictions
    3. When Master(s) are selected, you can check synchronization stability 
  4. If the Tags, for your use case, are of the same height we recommend defining Z-Axis Compensation
  5. For more complex projects you can apply Advanced Zones or for 1D location see the section 1D Cells

Finally, after master selection is done we recommend making an RTLS Studio backup.