Backup Deployment

We strongly recommend to make a backup after the RTLS Studio deployment. It can be very demotivating to place anchors, measure and set their positions into RTLS Studio and then lose this hard-won data. 

In sub-sections you can find how to: 

There is also possibility to make "Factory Restore".

Be aware that the backup made on Studio 2.6 and lower is not possible to restore in Studio 3.0!

Factory restore will drop all data in database such as position of anchors. It is highly recommended to do backup before factory restore. Please notice that the backup does not contain current configuration of the tags and anchors, this information is stored only on the devices itself.

Backup can be restored also on different host machines.

If you have testing deployment on virtual machine and you want to migrate all data and settings to new native server. You can do it via Backup/Restore.

  1. Create a new backup.
  2. Download the backup file you created (e.g. using SCP). File is located in directory “/home/sewiortls/backups”.
  3. Copy the downloaded backup file to a new server in a directory “/home/sewiortls/backups” (e.g. using SCP).
  4. Restore the backup on a new server - using the Backup / Restore utility in RTLS Studio.