myRTLS Care for RTLS Kit

RTLS UWB Kit package includes also myRTLS Care+ demo license for one month.

myRTLS Care is our proactive and preventative package of services and software. This comprehensive set of features includes everything from real-time alerts and predictive notifications to immediate hardware delivery

myRTLS Care for RTLS Kit Includes

  • Device Care Check the status and analytics of your operations on convenient and organized dashboards
  • Advanced Analytics → Stay informed of the metrics that matter the most to your operations thanks to real-time alerts.
  • Reports → Obtain automatically generated reports and conveniently identify opportunities for optimization.
  • RTLS Player Verify the system’s performance and identify areas for improvement. RTLS Player enables you to replay and tune the Sewio RTLS remotely. 
  • Consultancy → Addressing the most critical issues first, to remote support access – enabling our team to pinpoint the issue and resolve it faster.

RTLS Kit deployment consultation as a part of myRTLS Care+

Within the RTLS kit package, you have a consultancy with our CX team engineer. The consultation includes assistance during RTLS Kit deployment - we assist during your first steps with Anchor deployment, RTLS Studio installation as well as the kit commissioning. The goal is to optimize/tune Sewio RTLS in the best way for your needs.

How to set a connection to myRTLS Cloud? 

To establish a connection between RTLS Server and myRTLS Cloud, you need to install Device Care Data Probe on your RTLS Server. That requires meeting several requirements:


  • Ubuntu 18.04 with sudo access.
  • RTLS Studio 2.3.0 or higher. 
  • Outgoing connection to host on port 443.
  • Enabled Device logs in RTLS Manager section RTLS Server Setting. 

More details see on page Native Ubuntu Installation - Device Care as well as the myRTLS Care requirements.

More details about myRTLS Care you can find in section myRTLS Care.