RTLS Planner

Right-first-time deployment

Sewio provides RTLS Planner that helps planning perfect anchor locations. It streamlines the project design and minimize project delivery time while reaching superior accuracy and keeping the costs low by preventing unplanned anchors deployment updates.

Product Availability: EARLY ADOPTERS. Sewio partners only. Availability on request via service desk.

When to use: In project pre-sales & Design phase.

List of supported devices:

  • Anchor Vista DirectFive
  • Anchor Vista OmniLight


(tick) Design number of anchors and their placement for given venue.

(tick) Share anchors deployment design in a standardized way.

(tick) Store and share venue related files like floorplans and other meta-data (photos, annotations etc.).

(tick) Get approval check from Sewio support team.

(tick) Learn from demo deployments. NOT YET AVAILABLE