User Interface

The user interface of RTLS Planner includes several pannels.

Main Panel

Contains basic information about the plan and lists of elements present on the plan. Y

The Main panel includes information about a number of anchors, a list of anchors, details about the floorplan, and a list of annotations.

You can turn back to the project page on Sewio Portal via the project number in the Basic Info section. 

Profile Panel

Shows the currently logged user and some main control elements on expanding, such as "Log out" and "Controls".

Control Panel

Switching between modes and some basic view operations are performed through this panel.

Editing Panel

This panel is only visible while you are editing some elements of the plan (anchor, wall, or annotation). Add the values manually, or move with an anchor by arrows. The actions are saved or discarded using this panel.

Important is to add Z axis value. It is very often forgotten.

Legend Panel

This panel is dynamic. It shows the values measured at your mouse position.


Also a dynamic panel. It shows orientation within the plan.