RTLS Studio 3.3

Welcome to RTLS Studio 3.3 Product Tour.

This page contains information about new features of the RTLS Studio and detailed guides on how to use them properly.

UPDATED Trackables

Sewio Trackables is a feature within the Sewio RTLS that significantly enhances the monitoring and management of Work in Progress (WIP) on the manufacturing shop floor. By allowing users to associate a tag with customer work orders, carts, or any other assets or entities, this feature provides real-time location data that can be crucial for streamlining workflows and improving operational efficiency.

Beyond the standard CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations, the Trackable API provides specialized pairing requests to facilitate the management of trackables:

  • Pairing: Establishes a temporary one-to-one link between a Tag and a Trackable.
  • Unpairing: Dissolves a temporary one-to-one link between a Tag and a Trackable.
  • Replacing: Substitutes a new Tag on an existing Trackable.

For more details see the section Trackables and How to Use Sewio Trackables in Your Plant?

 NEW New Zones Editor

The Zone Editor in Sewio RTLS Studio 3.3 offers users enhanced control over creating, editing, grouping, and setting zones within their projects. With advanced zone settings, users can tailor zone behavior to meet specific needs, ensuring optimal project organization and functionality. Significant user experience improvements in the Zone Editor in Sensmap simplify the process of drawing and managing zones with added functionalities such as move, rotate, undo/redo, and delete. 

For more details, see the Advanced Zones section.

UPDATED Location Improvements

We are excited to introduce significant localization improvements in our latest release, Studio 3.3. Our team has reworked and optimized the positioning calculation algorithms, resulting in enhanced performance and accuracy for both 1D and 2D localization.

1D Localization: Enhanced for Narrow Aisles

Our algorithm for 1D localization, specifically designed for narrow aisles, has been completely reworked. The new algorithm is much simpler to configure and provides a smoother transition between aisles. This update eliminates tag jumps, resulting in improved overall localization accuracy. Whether navigating through tight warehouse aisles or any other narrow spaces, users can now experience more reliable and precise positioning.

2D Localization: Elevated Reliability and Precision

We have elevated the reliability of our 2D localization algorithm to an even higher level compared to its already impressive performance. The new enhancements ensure more stable positioning during short outages, such as reboots or brief synchronization issues. The system now prevents tags from jumping to neighboring cells during outages shorter than one second, maintaining accurate localization even in challenging conditions.

Additionally, we have made significant strides in stabilizing positioning for sleeping or charging tags. The average precision has been dramatically improved, with accuracy increasing by up to 60%. This ensures that even in less-than-ideal conditions, our system provides highly accurate and reliable localization.

NEW New Anchor FW 3.3.1

The new release of Anchor FW 3.3.1 marks a significant upgrade, featuring extensive refactoring and substantial memory and performance optimizations. These enhancements not only improve current functionality but also pave the way for easier and more flexible integration of new features in the future. Additionally, the updated firmware introduces advanced statistics and metrics, providing deeper insights into system performance.

A prime example of these improvements is the increased capacity of the backchannel, which now supports more than double the number of transactions per second compared to the previous version, greatly enhancing overall efficiency.

For more details, see the Product comparison page.

 UPDATED UX Improvements → Anchor FW Upgrade All

The latest version of RTLS Studio, version 3.3, introduces the UPGRADE ALL feature, revolutionizing the way you manage firmware updates for your anchors. This powerful new tool allows you to effortlessly upgrade the firmware of all connected anchors simultaneously, ensuring consistency and saving valuable time. Studio will automatically check and update the bootloader and Wi-Fi firmware if needed, before proceeding with the anchor firmware update.

This streamlined process not only simplifies the update procedure but also provides real-time progress tracking and detailed status reports for each anchor, ensuring a smooth and efficient upgrade experience.

For more details, see the Anchor Firmware Upgrade section.


Sewio introduces RTLS Hub, aligning our Studio with the Omlox™ Hub API and offering a preview of version 2.0.0, the world’s first open locating standard. As a first step towards these standards, the Sewio API in Studio 3.3 follows Omlox Hub connection and data transmission types, including HTTPS/REST API and WebSocket API. These APIs define Omlox entities such as "zone," "location provider," and "trackable," as well as related events like entering/exiting zones, and trackable motions.

Sewio is actively collaborating with members to develop standards in the UWB field, focusing on "Core" and "Use Case" areas.

For more details, see the RTLS Hub API section.

NEW Store to DB per Tag

The new custom storage settings feature allows you to optimize your system by specifying which tag data to store in the database. This can significantly reduce storage space requirements in large installations. Unlike previous versions, which only supported storing all or no tag data, this feature offers enhanced flexibility by enabling the storage of only essential data.

For more details, see the Nodes section.