Sewio Trackables is a feature within the Sewio RTLS that significantly enhances the monitoring and management of Work in Progress (WIP) on the manufacturing shop floor. By allowing users to associate a tag with customer work orders, carts, or any other assets or entities, this feature provides simplified location data directly for your assets. This allows easier and faster view into your workflows that in turn can help to improve their operational efficiency

Sewio Trackables supports a 1:1 pairing mechanism out of the box

Since the introduction of this functionality in Studio 3.1, Sewio RTLS has empowered manufacturers to pair tags with products and other critical assets, enabling a deeper understanding and analysis of their manufacturing processes. This capability is particularly beneficial for managing WIP, as it allows for continuous tracking and analysis of asset movement and utilization throughout the production cycle. 

When the product cycle ends, a worker can unpair the tag from the product either by scaning through Trackable app or when it enters a specific zone designated for tag unparing. This allows the tag to be reused for a new product and its manufacturing cycle, enhancing the sustainability and cost-effectiveness of the tracking system.

Additionally, from Studio 3.3 onwards, there is an option to subscribe to all related Trackables data, which are automatically pushed to your ERP database. This seamless integration ensures that real-time tracking data is directly available for enterprise-level analysis and decision-making, further enhancing process efficiency.

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