The Nodes section includes a sortable list of anchors and tags. It contains the device's address, editable alias, and ID (FEED ID from the database). When you search for a specific node, you can edit its parameters or use the "Find" button to locate the node in Sensmap.

  • Find: This feature selects the correct plan where the tag or anchor is located, centers the map on the device, and highlights it.
  • Edit: This feature allows you to set or change the alias, move the device to a different building or plan, change its position, or place it by clicking on the map.

Edit Node

In the Edit Node section, several parameters can be adjusted.


For an anchor, you can edit the building, plan, and anchor coordinates. The coordinates are crucial for overall localization performance. Detailed instructions on how to measure anchors can be found in the section Anchor Coordinates Import.


For tags, the building and plan are automatically determined based on tag movement, as are the coordinates. Unlike anchors, tags have additional parameters for local settings.

You can configure the following for tags: