The RTLS Hub API is designed to align our REST API with the Omlox™ Hub API, providing a partial preview of the Omlox™ Hub API 2.0.0.

Our REST API is an HTTP-based interface offering the methods GET, CREATE, UPDATE, and DELETE. These methods and their responses are encapsulated in JSON format and transferred via HTTP requests. Each request receives a response from the server. The communication follows a request-response architecture, requiring frequent position update requests from the user to receive the latest positioning data.

The Omlox™ Hub API 2.0.0 represents a significant advancement in the Omlox ecosystem, enhancing interoperability, scalability, and ease of integration for real-time locating systems (RTLS). This version continues to support the unification of various locating technologies, making it easier for developers and businesses to build and deploy location-based services.

You can find out more about omlox™ at https://www.omlox.com.

You can find out more about omlox™ hub and API at https://omlox.com/omlox-explained/omlox-hub-and-api

See more details in your RTLS Studio or visit Sewio online demo.


Interactive API is available at the online Sewio DEMO - RTLS Hub API.

or your RTLS Studio native installation has available the same interactive WebSocket documentation at the following path: YOUR_RTLSSTUDIO_IP_ADDRESS/documentation/api-rtlshub

To get more information or to discuss your possible use case open a new ticket on Sewio Support Desk or send us an email to support@sewio.net.