Tag Piccolino

Product Stage: END OF LIFE


  • Decawave UWB Radio, True Location

  • Movement Detection / Sensor Data

  • Powered from coin battery CR2450 600mAh

  • Wireless Tag Configuration via RTLS Studio

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Tag Leonardo is an active mobile locator providing superior accuracy in real-time. Its position could be reported from milliseconds to minutes covering broad spectrum of applications from industrial projects to livestock. Battery lifetime goes up to years.

Feature Set



ğŸŽ¯ Accurate positioning based on integrated UWB radio. Tag emits UWB blinks and RTLS provides precise True Location via API.

Switch on the Tag

Tag is initialized after it is turned on by holding the button for two seconds.  For more info about the button functionality please continue here

After the initialization phase, the tag sends location blink message periodically with given refresh interval. For time between position updates, the Tag goes into sleep modes. There are several sleep modes available suitable for different use-cases, please read more information here.   

The blink message is received by set of Anchors and it is forwarded to RTLS Studio via Ethernet of WiFi backhaul, where position is calculated. The blink message can be optionally equipped with sensor data. All the data is further disseminated trough the API.  First steps with Sewio Real Time Location System are described here.

Tag Battery Lifetime 

To read more about Tag's battery see section Tag Battery.

Also, see section about Charging and Storage Tag recommendation.

Number of Tags within RTLS System

Please read following section.

RF Profile

Please read following section.

Part Number


Tag Piccolino

(Industrial Housing)

SWT03-00-00Tag Piccolino OEM

Tag Piccolino OEM does not includes enclosure, and it is delivered in ESD bag.

⚠️Safety and Proper Handling

  • Do not use deformed or damaged product or battery.
  • Do not modify the product.
  • Protect the product from excessive moisture.
  • Do not charge or use the product if liquid has entered.
  • Protect the product from excessive heat.
  • Do not expose the product to excessive pressure.


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