Initialization Result Score Table

After the initialization process is complete, you should see a table with overall score of the corresponding anchor for the role of the Master anchor. 

Let's have a look at the values which create the overall score: 

  1. Packet → Each master is evaluated by transmitting 40 packets which are being received by neighbors.
  2. FP → Metric First Path denotes the quality of received signal. 
  3. RSSI → Metric RSSI indicates power in received signal.
  4. Diff → Metric diff denotes 2nd difference which indicates stability of synchronization. 
  5. Dist → During initialization master anchor acts as tag and therefore other slaves might try to localize it. This metric shows how real position differs from the "localized" position. This metric can be evaluated only if anchors are already placed in Sensmap.
  6. Score → Total quality of the neighbor for given master.

In column Score, there is overall quality of the anchor acting as master anchor for given neighbors. The score is evaluated from all metrics above. The value 100 is best master possible, 0 is the worst. Usable masters usually have score above 70 but score above 85 is preferable. 

The picture below shows initialization result. You can see that the anchor 049162c90BE1 has got the highest score and it should be set up as the Master anchor for this deployment