Anchor Initialization in Sensmap

The second step is to use Anchor Initialization tool in the Sensmap which visualizes the results of the anchors initialization that was previously done in the RTLS Manager, so you can easily see and evaluate its results. You can use this tool for correct master selection.

To view the results, simply load the latest initialization that was performed. It can be selected by using the "Load" button:

Then simply click on the anchor in the plan, for which you want to reveal the extended initialization information.

In this example, we can clearly see that the selected Anchor (“Kotva 28A”) has a good signal quality to all Anchors in its vicinity. This is ideal in case of a direct line of sight scenario, however since the signal propagates well through the walls as well, the signal will decrease the performance of the anchors that are not in NLoS to this master. It would be better if they would be synchronized by another master in the given room, which has good LoS visibility. This requires manual slave selection for the given master, which will be done in next step.

Note down which anchors from the results have best conditions to be a master.