Anchor Design in RTLS Planner

When you are back in from the Site Survey, you should create a detailed design in RTLS Planner. 

How to make a good design in RTLS Planner? 

The RTLS Planner is a free tool available for you in Sewio portal once you create your project. Starting with a floorplan, you can build walls and columns, and then place anchors. After that you can see the coverage of the signal.

RTLS Planner design before Site Survey

You may do a design draft before the Site Survey to show the customer how the Anchor Deployment could look like. Usually, the draft design includes only anchors and it is without obstacles because you will get an idea about the environment after the Site Survey → RTLS planner assumes ideal conditions = clear visibility from Tag to Anchor and from Master Anchor to its neighbors.   

Back in the Office and Back to Project Design

Now, you have got enough information about the environment where the RTLS System will be deployed and you can add all the valid information into the RTLS Planner

Update RTLS Planner with Obstacles

Every obstacle like wall, pillar, industrial machine, etc. must be inserted in the plan. The Anchors with correct x, y and z coordinates together with obstacles in the plan allows you to calculate coverage of the area (DOP - Dilution of Precision) and functionality of the RTLS System.

How to add walls and obstacles into the plan you can find in section Walls Manipulation

Create as Precise Plan as Possible in RTLS Planner.

When walls and obstacles are inserted, the other important step is adding annotations. The annotation enables you not only insert notes into the plan but mainly photos from the Site Survey which helps you create precise and complete picture about the environment.  

How to put annotations into the plan you can find in section Managing Annotations

Final Design for Approval

The final design should include: 

  • Suitable number of anchors with defined heights

  • Wall and other obstacles

  • Annotations with pictures

  • Described Use-Case in the Project page

  • Definition of Tag placement

When you complete your design, you can request Plan Approval. 

After request for approval is sent, Sewio teams go through all the details and try to understand your design. 

Based on the RTLS System deployment rules and Sewio team experience, the plan will be approved or returned with additional questions via Service Desk

Any questions during the design? 

If you have any questions during the design feel free to open a ticket under the project on Sewio Portal.

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