Tag Zones

Tag Zone allows to track whenever two tags meet or separate. User can specify the radius for a particular tag with any of three event type - info, warning, or danger. If two tags meet within their specified radius, then it is considered as MEET. Once they are no longer in contact, LEAVE event is triggered.

Adding Tag Zone

You can add a radius (in meters) to the tag in Sensmap, tab RTLS section Nodes. Also, you can define one of the three zone types → info, warning or danger. 

Removing Tag zones

Remove the tag Zone by adding value 0 (zero) as the radius in Sensmap, tab RTLS section Nodes for specific tag. 

API - Websocket

You can subscribe to tag zone event. The subscription provide you data whenever two tags meet or separate (meet/leave).

To subscribe send following message to WS server:


Response data after meet event:

    "at":"2020-10-13 08:24:14.733"

For more details follow page Websocket API.


You can also use REST connected which provides a simple way to manage Tag Zones data via methods GET/POST/PUT/DELETE. For more details follow page REST API.

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