WebSockets API

Websockets is a protocol carried over a single TCP connection heavily used in web-based applications. This ensures the reliability of the data exchange. Communication is based on the publish-subscribe model, where the client can subscribe to a particular stream from Tag or Zone and be immediately updated whenever its position is being changed. The interface is dedicated to real-time and read-only data exchange. 

When to use Websockets Interface?

Websockets are ideal to read real-time position data. They are very lightweight and easy to use and are suitable for refresh intervals up to 300 ms. They provide information about positioning data only. The rest of the data must be gathered via REST Connector. The user authentication is done by the use of an API Key.

How to use Websockets?

See more details in your RTLS Studio or visit Sewio online demo.


Interactive API is available at the online Sewio DEMO - Websocket Connector

or your RTLS Studio native installation has available the same interactive WebSocket documentation at the following path: YOUR_RTLSSTUDIO_IP_ADDRESS/documentation/websockets-connector

You can also establish a secured WebSocket connection by using the address: 'wss://demo.sewio.net' or in the case of your own local studio running on 'wss://'