Power Supply Options - Vista Omni

Power Over Ethernet (Active PoE)

Connect the anchor to a network switch supporting PoE IEEE 802.3af standard via Ethernet cable.

Once the Anchor is connected to a stable power supply, a blue LED blinks several times that indicates the anchor was turned ON. Then the LED is turned OFF.

DC 48V, Passive PoE

The anchor can be powered from a single or multiple port PoE injector with DC 48V output. Power is supplied via Ethernet cable (pairs 4,5 positive terminal, 7,8 negative terminal).

Single-port Injector

Injector with an integrated power source for AC.Injector which requires an external DC 48V power source.

Multi-port Injector for 19" rack

"Data LAN" ports are connected to the network switch, "Power+Data" ports are connected to the anchors.

Always use a galvanic isolated   48V power adaptor with short circuit protection for passive PoE injection. Never connect “Power+Data” injector ports to the computer or other network devices.

Recommended PoE Injector power adaptor PN:  GS36E48-P1J or GST36E48-P1J Meanwell. Available through whole-sellers Mouser, Digikey, or Farnell worldwide.

Power Bank

(warning) The USB connector is not available in Anchor Vista. Thus either a PoE power bank should be used or a USB to PoE converter and standard USB power bank. Please see the accessories

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