Package Contains and Accessories - Vista Omni

Anchor Vista Omni (Industrial usage)

Package Contains

  • Anchor Vista Omni
  • quickMOUNT PRO LHG
  • Omni seal 22x2
  • Vista Omni Cable Gland
  • Screws for quickMOUNT PRO LHG  

Sewio NameSewio PNProduct NameDescription

Anchor Vista Omni

SWA09-00-02RTLS Hardware - AnchorsAnchor Vista Omni without accessories
quickMOUNT PRO LHGSWC11-00-00


quickMount holder package contains screws that do not fit into the Anchor Vista enclosure, therefore Anchor Vista is delivered with the correct one.

following screws are recommended:

PN:  BOSSARD 2000598 or WN 1412

for plastic; 5x12; Head: button; Phillips; steel; zinc.

Recommended holder for Anchor Vista Omni Industrial
Vista Omni Cable GlandSWC13-00-00RJ45 Feed-thru lock connector

Cable gland; M25; 1.5; 

Required to provide IP65 rating.


Accessories recommended to Vista Omni (not part of the package):

Sewio NameSewio PNProduct NameDescription
Ubiquiti universal antenna mountN/A

Manufacturer: UbiquitiMount


Available on: or

Universal antenna mount

On this page: 

Anchor Vista Omni Compact (Office Usage)

Package Contains

  • Anchor Vista Omni Comapact
  • Wall Mount Bracket

Sewio NameSewio PNProduct NameDescription

Anchor Vista Omni Compact

SWA09-00-01RTLS Hardware - AnchorsAnchor Vista Omni without accessories
Wall Mount BracketSWC02-00-00-Wall Mount Bracket Recommended for Anchors Vista Omni, OmniLight, 1.4.

Other Accessories

Other accessories suitable to both anchor types Vista Omni and Vista Omni (w/o Accessories) → not part of the package:

Sewio NameSewio PNProduct NameDescription
PoE PowerBankN/ASMART POWERBANK 802.3AF POE 48VDC/300MAPower bank for demos with Anchor Vista
USB to PoE ConverterN/ATP-DCDC-2USB-48DC-DC Converter to PoE from an arbitrary power bank
TripodN/ATripod 3.45m-
Tripod Whitworth adaptorN/A

Verified PN

Other adaptors (nonverified)

Tripod adaptor to Anchor Vista
SMALLRIG N/ASMALLRIG Flexible multipurpose holder.
RAM portfolioN/Avariety of mounting products Many types of industrial mounting


Packaging is similar to both anchors Vista Omni and Vista Omni (w/o Accessories)