Managing Zones, Zone Groups & Zone Settings

Zones are managed via Sensmap application in a Plan menu tab. 

Zone Creation

In Sensmap, you can easily create a zone and define one of three zone types → info, warning or danger.

Tip: Hold the SHIFT key for ortho lines during the zone drawing.

Zone Group Creation

If you have created more zones in Sensmap you can add them into a group.

Zone Settings Creation

Advanced Zones enables you to create a different setting for single zone or group of zones. In the setting you can define number of In Count or Our Count blinks. You can also set interval setting regarding In Interval, Out Interval, Pre-in Interval or Out Timeout

Parameters used are described at Understanding Zone Parameters.

Zone Editing

When the zone setting is created (as showed in article above), you can assign the setting for the preferred zone.

If required, you can define Out Zone. This parameter specifies a zone that the tag must leave in order to enter the zone you are setting up.

Zone Names

Within Studio 3.2, you have the capability to display zone names on Sensmap, enhancing user orientation. A component of this recent feature includes the ability to utilize 'Ctrl+F' for zone searching.

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