I am playing my Capture in the loop, but I can't see data in the database to growth?

RTLS Studio is storing data to the database by bulks, which is at least 100 valid positions. When you are playing short interval of capture file which not generating as many positions RTLS Studio don't have to store them in a database.

Does every play clear my data in RTLS Studio?

If you are plating same capture file, again and again, neither data would be deleted, on the contrary, they will be pack on every play, even in the loop. Only when you change playing capture all data (database, Sensmap statistics, ...) will be cleared to zeros.

Using config from the archive in the loop?

When you are playing in the loop and you use the option "Use config from archive" every round of loop will use exact config from the archive. So if you want to change the RTLS Server setting through the plays in the loop we recommend to make the first play with "config from archive" and then play in the loop with option "Use system config" which use config what you set on every play.