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Anchors have an issue to connect to AP Cisco RV110W in parallel.

Issue: Typically after the AP RV110W restarts, anchors start to connect in parallel. However the AP is not able to handle the correct DHCP sequence and anchors will not connect.

Source: Anchors are signalizing link down: https://docs.sewio.net/docs/faq-anchors-14221331.html  

Workaround: You need to disconnect all Anchors from power. Plug Anchors one by one it is good to wait when first Anchor will connect. Then you can plug another one. There so no solution for RV110W, please use different one. 

Anchors are not able to use static IP address on WiFi interface.

Issue: Anchors with WiFi FW 19.4.4 have issue with static IP address for WiFi interface. Anchors in static IP addressing cannot receive UDP broadcast. Thus, UDP synchronization will not work.

Source: Type of WiFi FW is visible via RTLS Manager in Anchor Settings in column WiFi Firmware.  

Workaround: You need to use DHCP client for Anchors with WiFi FW 19.4.4

Note: Anchors with WiFi FW 19.5.4 and newer are able to work also with static IP addresses for WiFi interface.

Anchors are not reachable after IP address reconfiguration.

Issue: Sometimes might happen that after IP address reconfiguration directly on anchor the RTLS Manager can not reach it. This issue is related to to the ARP table.

Source: Reconfigured Anchors are not visible in RTLS Manager. 

Workaround: After IP address reconfiguration reboot network interface on a server.

RTLS Studio

Known issues of RTLS Studio can be found here.