FAQ - Default Config Change

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I do not see new tags in RTLS Studio, what should I do?

New tags with FW 3.125.5 and higher have a new default config which is RF5/Ch5. Tags need to be configured to current settings:

1) Set one anchor which has visibility to tags at profile RF5 and channel 5.

2) Configure with that anchor newly added tags - https://docs.sewio.net/docs/wireless-configuration-and-calibration-1018335.html.

3) When all tags were successfully configured, switchback the selected anchor to previous settings.

Can I switch our current blink settings to the new default config? 

Yes, this can be done in two steps:

1) Configure current tags to the new default (RF5/Ch5) config - https://docs.sewio.net/docs/wireless-configuration-and-calibration-1018335.html.

2) Configure current anchors to the new blink default profile and channel.

After adding new anchors to the system I have Sync Protocol in MIXED status, what should I do?

Anchors with FW version 3.1.1 and newer have set TCP Synchronization protocol as default. In case when you have a status for Sync Protocol MIXED.

You need to set the same synchronization protocol for all anchors via Anchor Settings in RTLS Manager.

UDP synchronization can be used for smaller installations and requires to have the server on the same L2 network segment as anchors.

TCP synchronization is recommended for WiFi demo installations and for larger installations (100+ Anchors). TCP Gen2 is supported with FW version 3.1.0 and newer and needs RTLS Studio release 2.2.0 or newer.

If you are not sure which synchronization protocol to choose for your current installation contact us via ServiceDesk.

Authorized connection to anchors, what does it mean?

Anchors with version 3.1.0 and newer support web configuration authentication.

If authentication on the anchor is enabled, then configuration via the web page or RTLS Manager requires login and password. RTLS Studio 2.1.0 and newer is compatible with anchors using authentication.

FW Version

Web Configuration Authentication


3.009 and older



3.1.1 and newer



How can I upgrade FW on anchors via RTLS Manager?

The details about Firmware upgrade you can find in Anchor Firmware Update

How I can upgrade the firmware on the tag? 

Here is a list of tag and how is possible to upgrade their firmware:

Tag Hardware


How to upgrade

Tag Leonardo Asset

from FW 3.120.0

Via Tag Leonardo Firmware Update

Tag Leonardo iMU, Personal, Vehicle

from FW 3.120.0

Via Tag Leonardo Firmware Update

Tag IMU v4r7

to FW 3.118.8

Via Tera Term - Datasheet

Tag Li-ion v4r4

to FW 3.118.8

Via Tera Term - Datasheet

Tag Piccolino v2r5/v2r6


The firmware upgrade is available only at the Sewio facility.

Available FW can be downloaded from the Partner Portal.