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Battery for Tag Piccolino

Please select proper battery carefully. Not all CR2450 battery available are suited for Tag Piccolino. According to our tests we recommend using Tecxus, Energizer or Panasonic coin battery listed in table below.

Other vendors such as RENATA or VARTA are NOT recommended to be used with Tag Piccolino.

More info can be found in Tag Piccolino datasheet, chap 11 Battery Selection.

Does all tags have an accelerometer?

Yes, both Piccolino Tag as well theIMU Tag have an accelerometer. IMU Tag can use the sensor for both 3D orientation and Sleep. The Piccolino Tag can use the accelerometer only for Sleep.

Does the Tag have sensors of some kind?

As for the Li-ion Tag, it includes an Accelerometer in default and optionally a Magnetometer and Barometer. Thanks to these sensors, it can provide information about its orientation in space (roll, yaw, pitch). Piccolino includes only the Accelerometer to keep it as small as possible.

How can I add a new Tag to the system?

New Tags are added automatically into the system. They are visible within RTLS Manager software, but you need to have some Blink configuration for the TAG and for the Anchors.

How can I restart the IMU Tag?

How to reset IMU Tag to defaults settings is described in IMU Tag’s Datasheet.

How can I restart the Piccolino Tag?

You can check our YouTube video about the Piccolino Tag. The video contains information about how you can turn the Tag on and off and also how you can restart it. For more detailed information, you can also check the Piccolino Tag’s Datasheet.

How many Tags can there be at one place at one time?

This is very highly dependent on the refresh interval that you wish to use. With higher refresh intervals, the number of Tags operating at the same time decreases. However, we can increase the number again by increasing the data rate, thus decreasing the transmission time. How to calculate channel utilization for different configuration can be found in Tags in section calculators.

I want to change Piccolino Tags configuration how should I do that?

You can check our YouTube video about the Piccolino Tag. The video contains information about how you can turn the Tag on and off and also how you can restart it and reconfigure it. You can also check a video about Tag configuration For more detailed information, check out the Piccolino Tag’s Datasheet.

The battery level is inaccurate.Tag Piccolino battery value is changing constantly where can be the problem?

Please find information here.

What is the battery lifetime of the Tag?

The battery lifetime is very highly dependent on the selected refresh interval and whether inertial sensors are activated. The higher the refresh rate, the more often the Tag transmits data and this in turn decreases the battery lifetime. See the Tag’s Factsheet for examples on our web – Picolino Tag and IMU Tag.

What is the difference between Piccolino and IMU Tag?

The main difference lies in used battery. IMU Tag uses classic Li-ion battery, hence the name, and Piccolino utilizes a CR battery. Thanks to this the Piccolino is approximately two times smaller than Li-ion.

Li-ion is better for evaluation and testing and Piccolino is more suitable in applications, where size of the Tag is crucial. Li-ion can be re-charged via USB and Piccolino needs to have its battery exchanged.

What is the maximum refresh interval of the Tag?

For IMU Tag, the maximum refresh interval is 10 ms. For Piccolino Tag, it’s 50 ms.