Wi-Fi Deployment Rules

You should make sure that the following points are considered during the Wi-Fi network planning for Anchors:

  1. The recommended number of Anchors per AP is 5 to 6.
  2. Make sure that the Wi-Fi network for RTLS is not in interference with other Wi-Fi networks nearby. You can use the following free tool to scan the Wi-Fi spectrum and select the most suitable radio channel: external link.
  3. Also make sure that the Ethernet and Wi-Fi interfaces on the AP (Access Point) are connected, in case you are using both for RTLS.
  4. TCP synchronization needs to be set. UDP synchronization will not work with multiple AP.
  5. The signal strength of Wi-Fi needs to be better than -67 dBm on each Anchor. The Wi-Fi network should be dedicated just for RTLS Anchors.
  6. AP should be enough powerful, to handle Tags with high refresh interval (RI).
    1. AP should be connected with the RTLS Server via Ethernet cable, also if you are using multiple AP. 
  7. Powering the Anchors needs to be solved.
    1. Anchors 1.4 support powering via USB or Passive PoE.
    2. Anchors Vista line supports powering just via Active or Passive PoE.

Wi-Fi deployment topology example: