Studio on Docker Update


The example below shows RTLS Studio update to version 3.1

First you need to create a Backup via GUI. Go to Backup/Restore tab and click on Create new backup button. If you don't need historical data, mark the Create backup without historical data box.


  1. Download the Studio update
    Download the RTLSStudio_v3.1.0_standalone_docker_bundle file from Sewio Partner Portal or from here (Studio 3.1).

  2. Copy the .zip file to the RTLS server 
    You can use SFTP client WinSCP.

  3. Create a docker backup
    The backup will be needed if you will need to go back the previous Studio version for some case. 
    mv standalone_docker standalone_docker-backup
  4. Unzip the file
    Unzip the file by typing following command line:


    The output should look as follows:

  5. Navigate to the install folder

    Use following command line:

    cd standalone_docker/
  6. Run the install script


  7. Start the Studio
    After the installation is finished type this command:

    docker-compose -f docker-compose.core.yml up -d