RTLS Studio - Update Guide

RTLS Studio 2.0 and newer: You may use GUI web-based update or follow the procedure below.

RTLS Studio 1.6.2 and below: Please read older manual.

This document will guide you through the RTLS Studio update process. You will need the update script, WinSCP program for file transfer and access to previous version of RTLS Studio.

Update for RTLS Studio and Ubuntu 14.04

Steps described in this chapter are applicable in case you do not need to change the version of Ubuntu OS and only want to upgrade from the RTLS Studio version 1.x to the RTLS Studio version 2.x.

  1. First, connect to the server with WinSCP (https://winscp.net/eng/download.php). 

  2. Connect WinSCP to RTLS Studio server IP

    Default credentials are following:

    IP is
    Username: sewiortls
    Password: sensmap

  3. Extract and Copy the contents of the update zip file to /home/sewiortls

  4. Login to the server either via Virtual Box or remotely via Putty client (http://www.putty.org/). The credentials are the same as above.

  5. Navigate to the update folder by typing:

    cd /home/sewiortls/update

  6. Run the update script:

    sudo sh update.sh

  7. During the update process, you will be prompted with question, if you want to keep your database and plans. Be extra careful when selecting your answer.

    If you select yes, all your data will remain intact. However, if you select NO, your database will be completely erased, that means all your buildings, floor plans etc. will be deleted for good!

    Once the RTLS Studio is updated, you’ll also need to erase the cache memory of your Google Chrome browser (if you’re using it). To do so, follow the guide from Google which can be found here.

Update for RTLS Studio and update Ubuntu 14.04 → 18.04

If the upgrade of the Linux OS on Ubuntu 18.04 is part of the update process follow the steps below.

  1. Update current version of the RTLS Studio to the RTLS Studio version 2.x.
  2. Create the backup of the RTLS Studio 2.x.
  3. Download this backup of the RTLS Studio 2.x.
  4. Perform clear installation of the OS Ubuntu 18.04. Or if you are using VirtualBox, you can download the VirtualBox image with preinstalled RTLS Studio 2.x.
  5. Copy the backup file to new server, where OS Ubuntu 18.04 and RTLS Studio 2.x are installed.
  6. Perform the RTLS Studio recovery process from the backup file you copied.

Update / Downgrade Availability

Since later versions of RTLS Studio provide new features and also might require different DB structure, RTLS Studio downgrade is not recommended.

Table of update compatibility:

to 1.6.0

to 1.6.2

to 2.0.0

to 2.0.1

to 2.1.0
from 1.6.0-(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)
from 1.6.2(tick)-(tick)(tick)(tick)
from 2.0.0(error)(error)-(tick)(tick)
from 2.0.1(error)(error)(tick)-(tick)
from 2.1.0(error)(error)(tick)(tick)-

Backup file created using RTLS Studio 1.x is not compatible with the RTLS Studio 2.x. Backup file from RTLS Studio 1.x can not be used for recovery on RTLS Studio 2.0. Therefore, it is essential to first upgrade to RTLS Studio version 2.x before you create a backup file that will be used for recovery on OS Ubuntu 18.04.