RTLS Studio - Install Guide

The RTLS Studio is a server based software available for three platforms:

  • Virtual Box - Preinstalled RTLS Studio within Virtual Box image, recommended for the beginning
  • Ubuntu Server - Installation on a new native Ubuntu machine
  • Docker - Installation within Docker

Download the latest installation bundle for required platform trough Sewio Portal (available for Sewio partners only). If you already have RTLS Studio and you would like to to update for the latest version follow section Update Guide.

Comparison of individual platforms:

VirtualBoxUbuntu Native Linux DockerWindows Docker
Easy to deploy(star)(star)(star)(star)(star)(star)(star)(star)(star)(star)(star)(star)(star)(star)
Maturity level(star)(star)(star)(star)(star)(star)(star)(star)(star)(star)(star)
Computational Performance










(plus) Full feature

(plus) Full feature

(minus) Several functional limitations (see list below)

(minus)  Several functional limitations (see list below)

(minus) Docker has to be run manually after the Windows restarts. 

Operating System

OS independent

Required specifically Ubuntu 18.04.4 pre-installed

Linux distribution independent

Windows 10

  • (plus) Excellent for demos and small PoC

  • High performance demanding installations 100+ Anchors
  • Solution for an installation where RTLS Studio has to be isolated within the host machine
  • Deployments where Windows is only option even for price decreased of performance