How to Make a Support Ticket

You have tried all the tips for troubleshooting that are mentioned in the section Troubleshooting and Tips but your issue is still present?

If your answer is yes, open a new ticket on Sewio Support Desk.

Create a ticket

Initially, please provide information related to the environment i.e.:

  • RTLS Studio version: 2.3
  • Number of Anchors: 20
  • Number of Master Anchors: 1
  • Anchors type and version: OmniLight (FW 3.009)
  • Number of Tags: 12
  • Tags type and version: Tag Piccolino (FW 3.118)
  • Deployment: (VirtualBox image/Server installation) VirtualBox Demo Installation

Required information for the reported issue

We would like to know:

  • The issue description in detail.

  • Timestamp when first issue occurred (the timestamp should include information about time zone).
  • Timestamp when someone did restart the server, RTLS Manager, RTLS Server, switch, etc. (with details about what and how it was restarted).
  • Timestamp when someone did another action like moving with anchor, etc. (if any other actions).
  • What was the first action done after reporting issue or after restarting (if any).
  • Was the localization working just for one tag or more? (Provide MAC address of the tag which is behave incorrectly.)
  • Are all tags which were not working in different location or in the same location?

To provide us as much information as possible is the key aspect for helping us understand what your issue actually is, and it will speed up the finding for the solution.

If localization performance is sub-optimal, you can share with us the RTLS capture

RTLS capture helps us diagnose problems in your system. It includes all network communication among RTLS devices, and exact coordinates of anchors and plan. All these data are bundled into one zip file, which can be sent to Sewio Support team and further analyzed for problems. 

Please follow the steps Creating a Capture.

More details about Support Desk you can find here.