Trackables API

Introduction to Sewio Trackables

Sewio Trackables is a feature within the Sewio RTLS (Real-Time Location System) that enhances monitoring and management of Work in Progress (WIP) on the manufacturing shop floor. By associating tags with work orders, carts, or other assets, users gain real-time location data, streamlining workflows and improving efficiency.

How to use Trackable API?

The Trackable REST API offers enhanced pairing requests in addition to general CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations, including:

  • Pairing: Creates a temporary 1:1 link between a Tag and a Trackable.
  • Unpairing: Destroys the temporary 1:1 link between a Tag and a Trackable.
  • Replacing: Replaces the Tag on an existing Trackable.

By Trackable Websocket API you can subscribe two event resources:

  • Lifecycle - event notifies about trackables pairing changes. These changes correspond with operations described in a previous section: pair, unpair, replace.

  • Zones - event notifies about the situation when a trackable enters or leave Zone.

See more details in your RTLS Studio or visit Sewio online demo.


Interactive API is available at the online Sewio DEMO - Trackables API.

or your RTLS Studio native installation has available the same interactive WebSocket documentation at the following path: YOUR_RTLSSTUDIO_IP_ADDRESS/documentation/api-trackables

You can also establish a secured WebSocket connection by using the address: 'wss://' or in the case of your own local studio running on 'wss://'