Profiler Controls

Profiler is accessible via Sensmap interface. 

To start profiling one of your tags follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Profiler menu tab.

  2. Expand Extended Position Information section.
  3. Select the tag you would like to use for profiling.
  4. Once the tag is selected you will see it's profiling information.
  5. To pause the tag's movement and analyze it's current values press the PAUSE button.
  6. To stop profiling current tag select a new one from the list or press the STOP button.


When tag selected Hyperbolas appear. Also, you can see different colors of the Anchor's labels.

  • dark green anchor - current master, no recalculation was needed;
  • light green anchor - slave anchor, no recalculation was needed;
  • dark red anchor - current master, recalculation was needed (some of the anchors has been removed from the calculation);
  • light red anchor - current slave, recalculation was needed;