The role of the Magnetometer is to measure magnetic field strength in three orthogonal axes.

 The Magnetometer provides:

  • Rotation Determination*
  • Send measured data*

*only one of these functionalities can be active per tag at one time

Available Data Formats 

Just like other sensors, the magnetometer can send measured data to the user via the API.

There are two modes of operation:

  • Send RAW data
  • Send corrected data

Send RAW data
The tag sends RAW data measured by magnetometer, it is further provided via API.

Send corrected data
Tag subtracts the zero offsets from the RAW data before sending. These offsets are determined during magnetometer calibration, which is described in section Magnetometer calibration. In RTLS Manager, you can only enable or disable the streaming of accelerometer data, and RAW data are also available in this way. If you want to stream uncorrected data, you need to set it via console. Both corrected and RAW data are converted on server. It is accessible via API in ┬ÁT units.

This functionality can be set in console or via wireless config message from the RTLS Manager.