Sensors Calibration

For magnetometer, accelerometer and gyroscope, the calibration is used to remove zero offsets. It is necessary to do this calibration if user want to use the spatial rotation determination. It can be useful even if raw data from sensors are sent to the server for further processing.

Magnetometer calibration

Every magnetometer has the issue that is called “hard-iron offset”. This can be removed by using the magnetometer calibration. It is available from RTLS Manager or via console. User must rotate the tag around all axes for 25 seconds. This procedure must be performed in an environment without any strong magnetic interference.

Inertial measurement unit calibration 

Both inertial sensors: accelerometer and gyroscope also have zero offsets. They should be calibrated too, if one wants to use spatial rotation determination. Calibration is available by using the RTLS Manager or console.

There is two ways how to configure and calibrate sensors: