Wireless Configuration and Calibration

Wireless Configuration

Configuration is transferred to the tag via UWB link from selected anchor. During the configuration, the anchor is not available for location purposes.

Go to RTLS Studio -> RTLS Manager -> Tag Summary, and click on Show Advanced Settings to access Sensor Settings.

Please select the tag’s address, or set it to “All”. Next, set the parameters that you wish to change. You will need to select actual tag firmware and also the anchor’s address that will broadcast new configuration to the tag.

The following parameters can be set:









Raw data from each sensor can be sent in blink message.

Rotation – spatial rotation of the tag can be calculated from the inertial sensors.

Data from the barometer can be sent together with raw data or with rotation data.

Accelerometer Dynamic Range

± 2 g
± 4 g
± 8 g
± 16 g

Dynamic range of the accelerometer data output.

Gyroscope Dynamic Range

± 250 dps
± 500 dps
± 1000 dps
± 2000 dps

Dynamic range of the gyroscope data output.

Barometer mode

Low power
Normal mode
High precision


If the data from barometer are sent together with rotation this setting will be set to high precision.

Sleep mode

Keep alive (5s)
Immediate sleep
Delayed sleep


Sleep type for movement detection feature.

Sleep threshold


Custom <4;8001> [mg]

Threshold of the acceleration to wake up the tag from sleep.

Press the Start/Stop (Start Update) button. The selected anchor will start sending the new configuration.

Tag receives the configuration messages after power up, therefore turn off and turn on the tag. If Periodical RX is enabled you may wait until the tag automatically switches to the RX state and receives the new settings.

When the new settings are being sent, the selected anchor will be disabled for position calculation. After the update is done, stop the transmission by clicking the Start/Stop button again.

New setting should appear within Online Tags table immediately.

Wireless Sensors Calibration

  1. Go to RTLS Studio -> RTLS Manager -> Tag Summary, find the device in the list based on the MAC address or Alias if set.


    Be sure that tags which you want calibrate have activated sensors.

  2. Click on the sensor you want to calibrate and follow the instructions on the screen. Gyroscope and accelerometer calibration will be always performed together.

  3. Once the calibration is completed, the request sending will be terminated automatically tag is restarted automatically.