Adding Anchors and Anchor Summary

Navigate to Anchor Summary and follow the steps below: 

  1. When your anchors are powered and connected to the network, they should appear in the Anchor Summary automatically. 
  2. If the anchors are not present, rescan the network to find anchors within the IP address range. 

    Anchors in the RTLS kit are preconfigured. The default IP address range is to

  3. After the rescan, you should see the anchors in Anchor Summary. 
  4. Check that all anchors are online. If some of the connected anchors are missing in the list, please check the cable connection to the given anchor and then scan the anchors again.

Anchor Summary Overview

Anchor Summary enables you to set the anchor parameters like localization mode, sync and blink profiles, and regional settings.

You can also add an alias for each anchor. You name the anchor for better orientation. See the picture. It is beneficial when you add anchors into Sensmap. In this phase, there is nothing else to do, the anchors are preconfigured.