UWB Technology

The Sewio’s RTLS platform is based on the DW1000 Integrated Circuit chip from DecaWave. The chip utilizes the Ultra Wideband technology in order to bring decimeter level positioning to the market. Unlike traditional radio technologies (like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi), UWB operates with the signal’s Time Difference of Arrival rather than RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indication), which makes the technology much more precise and enables it to make very exact ranging measurements. 

Key Features of UWB Techology: 

  • High localization precision (decimeter-level)
  • No interference with other radio communication systems
  • Resistant to multipath signal propagation
  • Resistant to noise
  • Use of low power transceivers

For more details about UWB standard and Ultra Wideband Signals check Sewio website where you can also find RTLS Technology comparison table.