Tag Deployment Rules

Tag Overview

The Tag Leonardo variants are different, mainly in an enclosure, power supply, and sensors equipped. But all tags have motion detection capability based on accelerometer. 

Here you can find Tag Leonardo Product Line overview: 

More details about tags you can find in section Tags.

Tag Types and placement

On the picture below you can find the typical placement of tags for several use-cases.

Always try to keep as much LOS between a tag and anchors as possible.

For example, the human body attenuates the UWB signal significantly. Thus proper placement is crucial. Wrist, shoulder, or helmet placement are recommended. While back or chest placement is challenging since tag visibility to anchors is very limited.

Tag Placement Matters - Example

Here we would like to demonstrate the difference for line-of-sight vs. non-line-of-sight tag placement and overall performance. The environment is a clean sport environment without any obstacles. You may notice that the performance of the NLOS placed tag is unpredictable.

A Tag should be as visible as possible for anchors around. Otherwise additional anchors must be added to increase density of anchors and compensate poor signal level from hidden tag. 

Tag Leonardo Vehicle Placement Recommendation

On picture below you can see the best tag placement on a forklift to achieve the most optimal signal spread from Tag Leonardo Vehicle towards the Anchors. 

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