SAGE Analytics

The goal of SAGE Analytics is to go beyond discrete positions and provide data for the most common metrics such as spaghetti diagrams, distance traveled or zone activity, etc. SAGE Analytics should provide answers to three simple questions: “Who? Where? When?”. These three questions are pillars of every request made in SAGE Analytics. Processed data is always sent from the server and shown in the client application’s chart-based interface.


Interactive API is available at the online Sewio DEMO - SAGE API. 

or your RTLS Studio native installation has available the same interactive REST documentation at the following path: YOUR_RTLSSTUDIO_IP_ADDRESS/documentation/api-sage


This part is more about SAGE API. SAGE API is based on REST API. And it has three main parts:

  • Categories - Provides the capability of grouping tags for mutual statistics. 
  • Requests - Only the GET method is available. There are several request-response iterations. If all parameters are empty returns possible metrics. 
  • Chart - Only POST method available. Creates chart object on the server and returns it.
  • Position - Only the GET method is available - Dedicated to getting historical position records of the selected tag. The response is listed on pages. The maximum number of positions per page is 10000. There is a verbose variant for getting additional information as well.