RTLS Wi-Fi Kit Overview

The RTLS Wi-Fi Kit with Time Difference of Arrival technique combines hardware components, based on a UWB (Ultra-Wideband) Decawave module, and RTLS Studio Software. The hardware and software license included in the kit can later be fully reused in your actual project.

Key Features

  • Coming with pre-configured HW
  • Great for small demo or PoC
  • Wireless anchors with a Wi-Fi backhaul
  • Coverage of an area of 400 m2 (4,305 sq ft)

RTLS Wi-Fi Kit Contains

The RTLS Wi-Fi kit is a ready-to-use due to preconfigured five Anchors Vista Omni and four tags for tracking objects: two Leonardo Personal and two Leonardo Asset tags. The kit also includes five USB-to-PoE converters to power the anchors from common power banks as well as wireless router and accessories. See the complete list of components included in the kit on the picture below: 

The RTLS Wi-Fi kit comes with an RTLS Studio Software license covering five Anchors and full accessibility to RTLS Studio tools.

The kit does not include power banks and tripods. But we highly recommend to buy those locally to achieve the high impression. Especially, when you demonstrate the kit on the customer site. Here is a table with suitable power banks and a tripod for RTLS kit:

Device and DescriptionLink

Xiaomi Battery pack 10 Ah (Anchor uptime ≈ 0.5 Day).

Link to Amazon

MAXOAK External Battery 50 Ah (Anchor uptime ≈ 2.5 Days).

Link to Amazon
Tripod 480 cm (15 ft)Link to Amazon