RTLS Studio 2.6

Welcome to RTLS Studio 2.6 Product Tour.

This page contains information about new features of the RTLS Studio and detailed guides on how to use them properly.

NEW UWB Backchannel

The UWB backchannel feature in Studio 2.6 boosts the system's functionality to implement full-featured applications, which utilizes bi-directional communication with UWB Tags. In general, the possibilities of backchannel are broad. This feature allows sending custom payload via UWB message for various use-cases from telemetry data, through user information on display, to GPIO commands for numerous safety applications.

Use Case Example

The most common use case would be to quickly distinguish the desired asset from numerous others in the physical location. This “pick-by-light” feature dramatically reduces search times. As shown in the animation below, thanks to the backchannel feature, a worker can see the location of the desired item on the digital map and be guided directly to it with the help of a flashing tag.  

Complete details about this new feature you can find in setion UWB Backchannel

NEW  Sensmap Improvements → Search Tags or Anchors

Studio 2.6 brings an option to search in Senmap and find quickly an anchor or a tag by MAC address or its alias. It is beneficial mainly when a project is about many tags and you need to find a specific tag quickly. 

Use Case Example

Consider a worker who looks for a missing pallet in a Warehouse. The worker knows from inventory list that the pallet has got a tag with MAC address 0x0020600024A7. Simply type or scan in a barcode and within a second you know the exact place.

UPDATED  RTLS Manager Improvements → Tag Status Icon

Tag Summary includes a tag status represented by a few icons now. It shows in which state the tag is – LED on/off, sleeping mode, or charging.

Currently, there are four states that you can find for the tag:

Usually, a tag has got different setting when it is active and when in sleep mode. Therefore, it is important to clearly understand in which mode the tag is. Also, the LED status is great, not only for a UWB backchannel demonstration but to ensure that LED on the tag is really on to when the tag needs to be physically found and identified.