All operations related to managing roles and permissions are made through /roles and /permissions pages. Roles are simply sets of permissions. To give a user only some specific permissions, you have to create a role containing these permissions first.

Please note, that only rtlsadmin and users with appropriate permissions will be able to access this page.

RTLS Studio has got three roles defined in default. In the picture, you can see all the right assigned to individual roles.

  • rtlsadmin - a role with access to everything the RTLS Studio has to offer including user management;
  • supervisor - a role with access to managing the whole system, except its users;
  • observer - a role with access to getting information from RTLS Studio, not being able to make any changes to the system whatsoever;

Also, you can create a new role with certain rights based on your needs. It could be done easily by ADD ROLE button.

Name the new role and specify the role rights. When it is done create the role by ADD button.


The table below describes the main permissions.

access rtlsmanageraccess RTLS Manager, control over the devices (tags, anchors)

access sensmap

access Sensmap, it needs GET FROM API permission as well to be able to use Sensmap
access sensmap3daccess Sensmap 3D, it needs GET FROM API permission as well to be able to use Sensmap 3D
access sageaccess Sage, manage charts, manage tag categories, manage dashboards
access backup-restoreaccess Backup & Restore, empty database, manage backups, manage captures, update RTLS Studio
access user himselfedit your profile
access usersaccess Users, manage users, roles and permissions
access ioaccess .IO, manage devices, events and actions
access monitoraccess RTLS Monitor, start, stop and restart RTLS services, monitor system

get from apiobtain information from REST (view tags and anchors in Sensmap, list buildings from API, etc.)
post to apicreate new items via REST (create new plans, create new zones, etc.)
put to apiedit existing items via REST (edit zones, change anchor's position, rename plan, etc.)
delete from apidelete items from REST (delete zones, delete buildings, etc.)