Presence Detection Settings

Presence Detection

possible values: Yes / No

default: No 

Global Presence Detection (PD) functionality enable/disable. Further information can be found in section Presence Detection.

Use Only Presence Anchors

possible values: Yes / No

default: No

if set to Yes, only anchors explicitly set in "Presence" localization mode are used for Presence Detection. If set to No, then also anchors set in "True Location" mode can report position using PD. The anchor configured in the “True Location” mode calculates the position using PD mode only if it is not possible to calculate the "True Location" position and after the "Minimal Time to Trigger" has elapsed.

Minimal Time to Trigger

possible values: range from 0 to 65535 milliseconds

default: 5000

The hysteresis in milliseconds to switch from True Location mode to Presence Detection mode. By setting the value of 0, the tag will immediately report PD position as soon as it is impossible to calculate the precise position. Thanks to this parameter, one can prevent frequent jumps because of alternation between True Location and Presence Detection mode. This might look like erratically jumps from precise position to position of any anchor.

Note: Hysteresis for switch from precise position to PD position is not defined.

Rxpowerlevel Threshold

possible values: number in range from -115 to -75

default: -85

Only anchors that have received a blink with RSSI better than this parameter can be used to determine PD position. This makes it possible to limit the distance to which PD is activated - RSSI values less than -80 are mostly in the immediate vicinity of the anchor.

Threshold To Switch Anchors

possible values: number in range from 0 to 40

default: 5

The tag changes its PD position only if the RSSI on the second anchor is improved by at least that value. As a result, the stability of the PD position will increase, and the tag will not jump once it is within the range of two anchors.