Anchors Menu

Initialization produce UWB communication table, which provide an overview about link quality among all anchors. On the top of that there is algorithm which tries to suggest optimal number of masters for the given deployment. Nevertheless, this algorithm does not take walls into account. So if location area has NLOS between anchors, manual master selection adjustment might be needed.

Newly, initialization process also provides measured distances between all anchors, feature called Anchor Auto-deployment

More detailed about initialization can be found here

General anchors overview and listed anchors can be found in Anchor Summary tab. It search the anchors in selected IP address range via RESCAN ANCHORS button. Then user can set Alias, Master role or RF profile can be set for single of all anchors via UPDATE button and UPDATE ALL button correspondingly. 

Network and other anchor settings are located within this tab. 

This tab allows to set UWB radio settings. 

This tab is for advanced users and might have significant impact on system performance. We do not recommend to change something within this tab. 

Statistics from Anchors, information about UWB communication, stats from network connectivity and also from synchronization. Statistics can be exported and might be helpful for support. 

Sync stability is tool which shows 2nd difference of time arrival between two synchronization packets. Synchronization is essential for RTLS operation. This tool helps you to see the synchronization stability between the selected master anchor and other anchors in its radio range.