Tag Leonardo iMU Charging

Charging procedure

  1. Put the tag on the Qi charger pad. 
  2. Charger should indicate charging status via LED within a few seconds, the same should be indicated on the tag' s charger LED.
  3. Charging time for Tag Leonardo Personal is approximately 5,5 hours. (charging current set to 73mA) 
  4. After the charging is done, charger would indicate the ready status via LED. 

Additional Instructions

  • Charging can be done only within 0 ~ 45 °C, never charge the tag outside specified temperature range.
  • Never put any other object between tag and charger.
  • Charging can be done only with Qi compliant charger.
  • Tag was tested with following Qi chargers: Samsung Fast Charge (EP-PN920), Samsung (EP-PA510), Adata (CW0050).