Tag Firmware vs. RTLS Studio Support

Following table lists required RTLS Studio version for full compatibility with given tag's firmware.

For example to fully leverage features of tag with firmware 3.119, you need to have RTLS Studio version 2.0.0 or newer. Also, studio is always backward compatible with previous firmware Tag, versions 3.118, 3.116 for this case.

Tag FirmwareRTLS Studio

Using older RTLS Studio which does not support newer tag firmware might block following features:

  • wirelessly reconfigure tags from RTLS Manager
  • see tag's configuration in RTLS Manager
  • localize tags in active "no motion blink" mode (no motion blink mode is special mode when tag occasionally transmits blink even in sleep mode, also known as keep alive blink). Only for firmware 3.119 and higher
  • decode blinks with active sensors (barometer, accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, quaternion)

Where to find Tag firmware version?

RTLS Studio → RTLS Manager → Tag Summary.